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  • Bryon Harris

Scarlet Drive – ‘Ceto’

Scarlet Drive is and Alternative Rock group that became a firm fixture on Perth’s live music scene with their stellar sound that takes elements of punk funk, and reggae. The group features Michael Millimaci (vocals/rhythm guitar), Michael Madefferi (lead guitar), Brandon Francis (drums/vocals), and Riccardo Martino (bass). The Australian band released their debut single, “Sad Robot,” in May of 2017. The single was a huge hitter reaching an impressive #10 on the Triple J Unearthed rock charts propelling the bands popularity. After completing their first Ep at renowned Heliport Studios, the band is now releasing their sing, “Ceto,” showcasing their addictive sound.

Check out the video for the launch of their single at Amplifier Capitol!

The song beings with a quick introduction as the electric guitar takes you over with its captivating rhythmic progression. Soon, drums and bass enter the arrangement creating a bouncy groove that you will be addicted to. Their ambiguous, poetic lyrics will draw listeners ear as he sings, “Her sandy hair blows in the wind like a parachute behind her/The people stare as shimmering it sparkles in the sun/With deep blue eyes just beckoning, for you, to swim inside them/Teeth as white as fluffy clouds and her lips a lonely island,” showing off his stellar vocals as they bring an infectious energy to the track through charismatic phrases. As they shift into the pre-chorus, the instrumentation backs off as backing vocals create an eerie build as the make their way into the chorus.

Scarlet drive like to keep their lyrics ambiguous so that listeners can make their own personal interpretations of their poetic writing. When personally writing the song, the members of Scarlet Drive were approaching the song as a personification of the ocean. In the chorus they sing, “She dances all around/She's sure to draw a big crowd/But when she's crying out for help/Nobody's round to see her drown,” using personification to make it easier for listeners to relate to the mistreatment of it.

Scarlet Drive are undoubtedly a group of killer songwriters and musicians that create compelling, innovative tracks that listeners will contemplate and relate with. “Ceto” is just one of their stellar tracks to get you excited about their upcoming EP. Their music is available for fans via Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and all other major streaming platforms. To keep up with the latest on Scarlet Drive, make sure to visit and like their Facebook page.

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