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  • Bryon Harris

AKoVA – ‘Headlights’

AKoVA is Alternative Folk artist that has the ability to channel his life experiences into thought provoking, storytelling tunes. He is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist capable of playing guitar, ukulele, djembe, cajon, and ankle bells most all at once! With his unique sound, AKoVa hopes to inspire and uplift his audiences and listeners worldwide. After spending a lifetime crafting and mastering his sound, his newly released single, “Headlights,” along with its music video capture just what AKoVA’s sound is all about.

“Headlights” draws from the perspective of AKoVA’s emotions as a father as he answers the question of his daughter “…how do I know if this guy is the one?” Starting off the song, a light acoustic guitar progression accompanied by ambient strings set the stage before AKoVA enters singing, “Are you in love right now?” with a soft timbre as he begins to reply to his daughter’s question with this memorable hook.

Transitioning seamlessly into the first verse, AkoVA begins asking questions drawing from his own experiences from what he thinks would be best singing lines like, “Does he offer his hand when you’re on the stairs? /When you’re throwing up does he hold back your hair? /And have some water there?” With every passing verse a chorus is woven between as the energy gradually builds with vocalizes leading into the following sections. By the end of the song, AKoVA is exploding with emotion and energy as he belts, “Are you in love right now?” in an emotional and memorable climax to the song. Telling his daughter to be aware and make the right choices he ends by signing, “Put your headlights on.”

Make sure to check out his music video for the song!

AKoVA spills out his heart in this touching ballad to his daughter, “Headlights.” The song is available for listeners on all major music avenues such as iTunes, Bandcamp and CD Baby. For more information on AKoVA and his music, visit his Facebook page.

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