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Marco Cartolari – ‘Shot At The Moon’

Marco Cartolari is an Italian born, self-taught rocking singer/songwriter with a distinct sound. Marco started playing guitar at the age of 14 which was just the start of his passion for music. After graduating college and working in the family business, he moved to the U.S. where he got his MBA and began working in the corporate world. In 2016, he decided to take a major leap leaving the corporate world to become a full-time musician. With his full focus on his music, he was quickly able to release a captivating CD titled, ‘Shot At The Moon,” infusing roots rock/Americana music with his European sensibility.

The first track on the album is “This Is Where We Meet.” Starting off, the drums lead into an entrancing arrangement of electric guitar arpeggios, catchy bass lines, and accents of e. organ. The introduction sets a compelling groove leading into the first verse singing, “This is where we meet,/Where no one can see/This is where we meet,/Just you and me/This is where we hide,/Where we lay in shame/This is where we meet,/Where we share our blame,” showcasing his striking vocals as through his emotive melodic phrases. “This Is Where We Meet” makes for an exciting start to the album that shows off Marco’s ability to create a memorable music experience.

Take a moment to watch his music video for the song!

Next up is the title track of the album, “Shot At The Moon.” In this track, Marco keeps up the rocking vibes kicking off with an energetic start from electric guitar leading in the full arrangement with a big, crunchy sound. The verses are descriptive and poetic as Marco paints a dull image of the life that he wants to leave behind. Harmonies fuel the chorus as he sings, “Take a shot at the moon/In the darkest night/But if I get it right/If I get it right,” in an inspiring chorus that makes you want to chase your dreams as well. Featuring a killer solo section towards the end of the song, there is no wonder why this stellar tune is the title track.

Marco changes up the pace with his sweet ballad “My Lover’s Eyes.” Starting off, the instrumental arrangement is acoustic guitar driven backed by melodic flourishes of electric guitar. As the song progresses, the instrumentals grow into a warming arrangement of bass, drums, electric guitar and soft, ambient strings. “My Lovers Eyes” is a touching addition to the album with easily relatable lyrics that leave a lasting impression.

Marco keeps with the change of pace following up with “Underwater,” as he sings about how all he wants is to profess his love. The instrumental melodies set a melancholy mood in the verses before switching to more uplifting arrangement for the chorus. This heart-wrenching loving song acts as a perfect follow up to “My Lover’s Eyes” that makes it seem as if Marco is telling a love story through each song.

Ramping the energy back up, Marco will get your blood pumping with “You Let Me Down.” Driven by an up-beat bass-line, wailing guitars and pulsing drums the instrumental arrangement embodies the emotions portrayed in Marco’s voice and lyrics in the verses as he sings, “The curtains dropped on you/Ripped the magic through/The stage is burning to the ground,” before leading into the chorus. With an infectious chorus that you will not forget, “You Let Me Down” is a memorable mark on this album.

In “Addicted To This Love” Marco continues to show off his lyrical prowess as he paints a vivid image of this toxic addiction to love like a drug as he sings, “I’m addicted to your scorn/It makes me feel alive/When search for you at night/In every hole, in every dive/And I feel like a dog/That gets beaten every day/I still wonder if you’re coming home/Once again to make me pay.” This song fits in perfectly as the album begins to wind down before the last song, “Jericho’s Fall.” Ending the album on a unique note with a piano driven instrumental arrangement accompanying somber vocal melodies that will pull your heart-strings. Theses final two songs work together to create a passionate ending to the album.

‘Shot At The Moon’ takes you on a compelling journey of love and heartbreak through poetic songs that will strike at your core. Marco Cartolari delivers a meaningful story with each song in this touching album. For more information and to listen to his music, make sure to visit his website.

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