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  • Bryon Harris

Scott Zartman – ‘What Love Is This’

Scott Zartman is a pop, singer/songwriter born and raised in Hanover, PA. Scott has been writing music since he was 14 years old. Although he has written and recorded several albums of material, he is just now starting to promote his music. With his album, ‘Open To Suggestion,’ Scott delivers a plethora of catchy tunes for fans to enjoy. Off the album, his song “What Love Is This,” is a great way for listeners to introduce themselves to his writing.

The song begins with an upbeat piano chord progression, setting the mood before it transitions to a more energetic arrangement and the drums enter leading into the start of the first verse. Scott then enters singing, “You’re there when I need you, you make me complete/But somehow my feelings are masked/I wanted your hand from the moment we met/If only I knew how to ask,” as he shows off bright, forward vocals articulating with crystal clarity allowing each word to strike your ears. Scott makes his music unforgettable with lyrics that are easily relatable making it simple for listeners to connect with his music.

“What Love Is This” was inspired from the story of two boys that Scott had helped through their teenage years and checkered past that had both gotten married and decided to name their children after him. This song is for anyone contemplating marriage and the happiness it can bring. In the chorus, he describes this feeling of wanting more in a relationship as he sings, “For now, what love is this?/That makes me whole and worth the kiss/If you, could be my wife/And promise me you'll share my life.” With riveting instrumentals that give off feel-good vibes and touching lyrics, Scott’s songwriting is sure to leave a lasting impression.

“What Love is This” is just one song from Scott Zartman that showcases his talent as a songwriter with many more from to look forward to from his project, ‘Open To Suggestion.’ His music is available for fans on his webpage.

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