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Mark Rogers – ‘Right Here’

Mark Rogers is a Folk-rock/Americana, singer/songwriter from Virginia. Mark grew up absorbing every Beatles album which inspired him to master his craft. In high school, he was a guitarist, bassist, and harmony singer for a bluegrass band called Tennessee Flying Goose. Later in life, he led a Cosmic American band in LA where they played in "Paisley Underground" Hollywood club venues. In 2017, Mark released his first solo EP, ‘Rearranged,’ with plans to release a full LP in 2018. Off of his new EP, his song “Right Here” showcases the sound that Mark has been perfecting throughout his musical career.

Leading in with a twangy entrance from guitar, percussion soon kicks in prompting the entrance of the full arrangement in a quick, yet gripping leeway into the first verse. Mark enters singing, “Well it turns out she was never really gonna let you go/And if you hadn’t finally laid it all out there, you still wouldn’t know/But if the years and the tears and the damage couldn’t tear you apart/Instant Karma gonna gets you in the end its going to break your heart” displaying his light, airy vocals through infectious melodies.

“Right Here” is all about living in the moment and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by relationships and the abundance of information that is always being thrown at us. As the verse seamlessly transitions into the chorus, harmony driven vocals will entrance listeners as he sings, “It’s what you’re doing right here/I’m assuming that things are going to be alright,” showing that his only focus is on how he is feeling now. Throughout the verses, Mark reminisces on love that he had thought had gotten away from but in the end had come back to him making this a sweet and memorable tune.

Mark Rogers delivers a polished sound that is easy on the ears. The light-hearted mood and unforgettable melodies of “Right Here” is just one track from his EP that you can find on all major online music retailers. For more information on Mark and his music, make sure to visit his Bandcamp.

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