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  • Bryon Harris

Porter D’Poet – Dreamin’

Porter D’Poet is an ambitious hip-hop artist that is taking the Bahaman airwaves by storm. His singles “Get That Paper” and “Leave Dat Girl Alone” gave listeners an exciting preview of his exciting sound and now, with the release of his EP Dreamin’, there is even more for fans to rave over and new listeners to catch on to. The album was released on March 17 with 4 stellar tracks.

The first track off the EP, “What Is Love” featuring Sanardo B, starts things off with heartfelt slow tempo jam. With a lulling arrangement of ambient synths and soft pad melodies, the radio ready production immediately sets up the somber mood even before the entrance of the vocals. Once the vocals do enter, Porter blows you away with bars that strike your core with insightful lyrics that show a personal side of Porter.

Next, Porter follows up with the title track “Dreamin’” featuring Joseph Loren. This track is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners. Pulling samples from MLK Jr. Porter takes a stand for the systemic injustices that still afflict African American communities. Giving anecdotes from his own life in the verses, Porter raps about having to grow up hustling on the streets pushing himself towards his dreams no matter how hard it gets. With an unforgettable hook from Joseph, listeners will love “Dreamin’”.

Porter does not cease to impress listeners with his lyrical proficiency and even proceeds to kick the bar up a notch in the next song “Do You Remember” featuring BDA The Producer. With each line, he spits reminiscent lyrics of his views and experiences with the music industry. Porter does not ease up, following with a killer hook leaving listeners with yet another infectious melody that will stick in their heads. “Do You Remember” will undoubtedly be a fan favorite track with its smooth production and raw attitude.

On the final track on the album, Porter switches things up with “Perfect Timing” featuring Sanjardo B and Selecta Chronic. Sanjardo soothes listeners with soulful harmony driven vocals in the hook before Porter breaks in on the first verse with illustrious lines about love. With the addition of the energetic verse from Selecta Chronic adding Jamaican influences, “Perfect Timing” turns into a radio-ready summer jam that anybody can vibe with.

It is easy to get excited for Porter’s young music career with an already stellar line up of track like the ones featured in Dreamin’. His music is available for fans via iTunes and Spotify as well as on his website where you can also find more information on Porter D’Poet.

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