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  • Bryon Harris

Natalie Saint-Martin - 'Wish You Well'

Natalie Saint-Martin possesses many talents including singing, writing, composing, playing the piano and acting. Based out of the heart of Los Angeles, Natalie has been singing and performting since the age of 4 in musical theater. Emerging freshly onto the scene, Natalie offers a fully conceived indie-pop song that puts her in line with the pros. Off her new EP “Wish You Well”, the EP's title-track will “wow” fans of indie-pop.

“Wish You Well” starts with a monologue. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and….snap.” After she says “snap”, the jam begins. The jam is mellow, yet strongly rhythmic at the same time with a great groove that you can really get into. Natalie’s mid-range voice is strong and commanding over the mix with a touch of sultriness beyond her years. The production is cinematic and crisp.

The composition of “Wish You Well” is thoroughly conceived. The verses are melodic with a great flow. The chorus pops with catchy lyrics and a nice build. “I never had medicine that didn’t need a spoonful of sugar. I’ve never been with a man who made me wanna to pull the trigger….” A nice bluesy piano solo leads to an infectious bridge section that listeners will surely sing along with, “Trap me in the wishing well. Ask me who, I’ll never tell. Trap me in the wishing well, but I’ll wish you well “

Take a listen to "Wish You Well" on Soundcloud.

The song’s themes seem to include a list of bad habits that have consequences, but feel good at the same time – going to bed too late, then hating the sunrise; falling in love with anything no good for you but also feeling something sweet. “Something about me always needs to change…so with that I’ll just say - I’ve never had a medicine that didn’t need a spoonful of sugar.”

With “Wish You Well”, Natalie has put out that kind of rare indie-pop song that requires no sugar to help it go down because the content (music, lyrics and vocal presentation) is mezmerizing - you will want to listen to it over and over “in the most delightful way."

Visit Natalie Saint-Martin on Spotify. "Wish You Well" is available on Amazon and other major outlets.

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