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  • Bryon Harris

Kit Taylor – ‘Love + Pain’

Kit Taylor is a talented and driven pianist and songwriter based out of Portland, Oregon. Kit has a knack for churning out infectious hooks and a personality that is easy to get along with making him a force in the industry. His enthusiasm is unmatched as he is constantly working towards his goals. He is currently seeking exclusive or non-exclusive licensing deals, a staff songwriting position, or opportunities to write for or produce for upcoming artist. His upcoming album, ‘Love + Pain’ (which currently only for pre-sale), gives listeners a chance to hear his magnificent songwriting through 10 stellar tracks.

The first infectious track off the album, ‘Lately,’ featuring Jimmie Herrod and Jennifer makes for an energetic start. The song begins with a rhythmic ticking that pulses in eighth notes as it pans from left to right soon joined by a captivating moving bass line and melodic leads that will immediately stick with you. The vocals come through a crystal, clear mix showcasing the pristine tone quality of the guest singer. In the chorus he sings, “Lately, time stops for you girl,” in an unforgettable moment that will stick with you long after the song is over. The song creates an exciting start to the album with dynamic instrumentals and catchy vocal melodies you will love.

You definitely don't want to miss out on this, make sure you take a moment to check out the song!

Following up with “Time to Say Goodbye” featuring Paul Creighton, Kit will continue to win over listeners with this heartfelt tune. Starting off, the song lays out a cinematic soundscape that seamlessly transitions into a riveting arrangement with the perfect blend of acoustic, electric, and midi instruments in a wide mix that delivers a huge presence. With a sound that will remind you of Phil Collins work with Walt Disney, it is easy to picture Kit’s music being in a Disney film. This carries forward into the next song, “Bestill My Heart,” as he woos fans with the harmonic driven vocals. With synth driven instrumentals, and the story-like lyrics and vocals would make this a perfect concept song for a love scene.

Next, Kit gets your blood pumping with the racing pace of “Half a Man.” During the verses, the hi-hats hold the energy with speedy 16th notes as the kick drum pulses and accents of guitar and bass accompanied by ambient synths fill out the mix. Then, as he breaks into the hook the instrumentals smooth over into a more legato section as he sings, “Won’t you help me find out who I am/Life without you leaves me half a man.” “Half a Man” makes for an intriguing addition to the album providing a solid change of pace.

On the albums fifth track, Kit amplifies the mood in “Died of a Broken Heart” feat. Paul Creighton + Jennifer Batten. Kicking off with a rock inspired intro driven by distorted electric guitar, the high-octane instrumentals soon back off putting the spotlight on the vocals as they enter for the first verse creating a lulling timbre. As they transition to the chorus, the energy boost back as he sings, “And I died/Died of a broken heart/Where did I go wrong?” With this addition to the project, Kit showcases his ability to incorporate elements of different genres into his music making for an album that keeps listeners engages from the first song to the last.

With his song “Persephone,” Kit shows that it’s not just cinematic and broad-way style songs that he is great at writing. This killer pop song boast a radio-ready song that would make a perfect up-beat summer jam. With smooth vocal runs, high flying falsetto melodies, and an instrumental arrangement that forces you into a happy mood, “Persephone,” is undoubtedly a track that anybody can get enjoyment out of.

Next, Kit shifts the mood in his song “Girl With the Smile.” The Latin inspired grooves will immediately take over your body as you sink into the entrancing instrumental arrangements and compelling vocal melodies. Poetic lyrics tell a captivating love story that you won’t want to pull your ears from. With the addition of breathtaking key changes, Kit does not leave one dull moment for his listeners.

Lastly, with his ballad “Sometimes a Friend” featuring Tahirah Memory, Kit creates a powerful experience in this huge track. From the moment the vocals enter singing, “Drifting through time/With your hand held in mine/Im the angel that you seek,” Tahirah’s bright timbre immediately wins over listeners. As the song progresses the instrumental gradually build into a massive arrangement with layers of lush harmony as Tahirah shows off her vocal prowess with hair-raising belted notes.

With his upcoming project, ‘Love + Pain,’ Kit proves that he has not only the passion, but the talent needed to leave a memorable mark in the music scene. With countless of songs that can easily be pictured in the background or as the theme for animated films, Kit’s dream does not seem too far out of reach. His tracks “Lately” and “Time to Say Goodbye” are available as singles via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The full album is available for pre-sale here. For more information on Kit and his musical endeavors, please visit his website.

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