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Colin Alvarez – ‘Georgia Before Daybreak’

Colin Alvarez is a roots rock artist, based out of the Metro-Atlanta area, that brings a fresh take on Americana by blending it with his unique influences. At the age of eight, Colin began his venture into the musical world when he started playing trombone and later on guitar. Most of his attention was put towards playing guitar, as Colin was influenced by the likes of artist like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B. B. King, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, and several others. His song, “Georgia Before Daybrak,” off of his project From The Top, is a great way to introduce yourself to his music.

The song kicks off with harmonious layers of electric guitar playing an infectious riff. Not before long, the instrumental arrangement is bolstered by the entrance of bass and drums creating a rocking groove building towards the first verse. With the entrance of the vocals, the instrumentals break down into drawn out chords as Colin enters singing, “The road was calling out my name/I had to see it through/I had to play that song,” showing off his powerful, edgy vocal tone through gripping melodies before the instrumentals break back into the main instrumental motif.

“Georgia Before Daybreak” is all about a guy who has been out on the road and is racing home to his significant other. In the chorus he sings, “Im Coming, soon Im on my way/Im leaving, the highway in my wake.Im southbound, miles to go Today/Down the Highway, Ill see Georgia Before Daybreak,” letting his vocals loose as the instrumentals shift into a more bouncy arrangement in this engaging hook.

Colin Alvarez will win over fans with his addictive instrumental arrangements and killer vocal tone that come together to create his distinct roots rock sound. “Georgia Before Daybreak” is just one of his radio-ready songs for you to fall in love with. His music is available for fans via iTunes, Spotify, and CDbaby. For more information on Colin Alvarez and his music, visit his website.

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