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  • Bryon Harris

Amerikan Primitive – ‘The Hive’

Amerikan Primitive is a hard rock band that formed around 2010 in Syracuse, New York. The group was originally formed by Jeff the Mole-Moleski (drums), Matt Pedzick (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and Sue Karlik (Lead Guitar). The three had just recently moved to Syracuse, Matt and Sue had already been rocking the NYC music scene for 18 years in their band, Superhive, and Mole had been running recording studios in three major cities. As former band mates, Matt and Mole put the pieces together and decided to create something new. For their first project titled, ‘Dragstrip Courage,’ Jamie DePalma came along and joined as the groups bassist. The band received great praise topping the local music charts. In 2016, they began working on their second release, where they supplemented their sound with the addition of female vocals from Kelly Moore-Peters. Now, the band has an all new project released titled, ‘Down To The Devil.’ From their new project, their song “The Hive,” will show you just what all the rave is about.

The song kicks off with an engaging bass line that immediately pulls you in through its entrancing groove and pulsing rhythm. The bass-line is slowly built upon; first, with the addition of percussion then, soon after a wavy guitar line enters filling out the arrangement. Matt enters singing, “Yes things are changing and I can see the link/Everyone’s connected now everyone’s in sync,” displaying his electric vocals that blend perfectly with the melodic guitar.

“The Hive” is a commentary on how people are constantly entangled in their electronic devices. The verses tell listeners to pay heed to the societal changes; then, as the instrumentals shift into the chorus they break into a heavier, distorted, crunchier sound that reflect the emotions in the vocals as both Matt and Kelly enter singing, “And I-feel outnumbered baby/How many of them in the hive/I’m disconnected baby/Just how long will I survive, without the hive.” Both the music and lyrics will captivate rock lovers from start to finish in this killer track.

Amerikan Primitive features a solid group of musicians that know just how to craft an enjoyable music experience. Fans can purchase their music via CDbaby. For more information on the band and to keep up with their upcoming works, make sure to follow their Facebook page.

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