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Campbell Harrison – ‘Dreamer In A Bottle’

Campbell Harrison is a talented Indie-Americana artist who was raised between Atlanta and Athens, GA, one of the liveliest music scenes around. Inspired by the melting pot of southern rock, roots, and other indie music, Harrison combines influences from several different genres to create his distinct sound. In 2015 he released his critically acclaimed EP, ‘Behind Glass,’ and continued to polish his craft with guidance of Folk-rock legend Caroline Aiken as well as tour around the southeast. The title-track off his full-length project released in 2017, ‘Dreamer In A Bottle,’ is a surefire way to have you swooning overt his music.

The song begins with warm layers of acoustic guitar that are built upon with additional production and percussion forming a soothing instrumental arrangement that lulls and relaxes listeners before the entrance of the vocals. Harrison then enters singing, “Little dreamer in a bottle, three wishes this time you’ll grant for me./You know this world is getting’ smaller /It ain't small enough if there’s room for three,” displaying his raw, emotive vocals that give the feel of an up-close and personal performance.

“Dreamer In A Bottle” is a love ballad that represent the almost magical nature of new love, how you almost inexplicably become completely absorbed in that feeling and the relationship. Throughout the song, Harrison uses the metaphor of a genie in a bottle to compare to that feeling. This is shown through his poetic lines in the verses like, “I wanna’ disappear inside your lamp, my dear./And call upon the vices of all your magic here./Yeah baby this world is cruel, and baby I’m just a fool…/Astride the magic carpet inside your vestibule.” Compliment by a sweet and simple hook, “Dreamer In A Bottle” showcases Harrison’s stellar songwriting abilities.

“Dreamer In A Bottle” is just one of Harrison’s fantastic songs from his full-length album which is available via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and all major online music sources. For more information on Campbell Harrison, make sure to visit his website.

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