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  • Bryon Harris

Maryland's First Lyricist


Timothy Fluker, who takes the stage as ASirenNdABeau has been rapping since he was 16. Two years after he began rapping, at age 18, he was sentenced to 10 years DOC. ASirenNdABeau served 6 years and 4 months on that sentence and was released at age 24.

Since he started rapping and while doing time, ASirenNdABeau kept his goal to rhyme sacred and at 26 he digitally released his first studio project, "For Listening Only", through Distro Kid.

"For Listening Only" is a clear indication of the lane this new artist is moving in. Recorded in one day in Maryland's most respected studio, The Kitchen, this work has everything true Hip Hop fans say this generation of Hip Hop lacks.

ASirenNdABeau, authentic Hip Hop - pure creative genius; his rhymes tell stories of love, triumph, and a very self-reflective soul. Give a listen to some true -to-the culture sounds, originating outta Frederick, MD.

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