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  • Bryon Harris

Alex & The Seabass – ‘The Benefit of It’

Alex & The Seabass is a collaborative project between Alex Sanford and Sebastian Yoma. The duo came together from different corners of the world to create music that reflects their own personal experiences crafting their distinct sound. They recently released their new EP, ‘Monologue,” featuring their song “The Benefit of It” which is a spectacular way to introduce yourself to their music.

The song leads in with grooving percussion that is soon accompanied by jazzy guitar and bass lines. The instrumental arrangement immediately captivates listeners drawing them into song before the entrance of the vocals. Showcasing her smooth, soulful voice, Alex sings, “To get a little itty bit of your time/So busy baby, you’re just running me out of my mind/Is this what you wanted from me/Swords of steel, sex appeal, and a monster that comes out at night,” entrancing you through lush melodies and poetic lyrics.

“The Benefit of It” is all about finding the inner strength to make the realization that you deserve more than your current relationship is giving you. In the hook of the song they sing, “How could I/That’s it, I’ll never know the benefit of it if I try/And why should I/I quit, I’ll never know the benefit of it if I try,” seamlessly gliding between pristine high notes in her head-voice back into the warm tones of her chest-voice. As the song progresses, the band graces listeners with compelling solos from melodic electric keys that flow into the sweet picking of the electric guitar solo before breaking back into the chorus.

Alex & The Seabass will leave a lasting impression with top-notch songs like “The Benefit of It” that showcase both their vocal and instrumental prowess when it comes to songwriting. Their music is available for fans via iTunes, and Bandcamp. For more information on Alex & The Seabass, please visit their Facebook page.

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