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  • Bryon Harris

Ruse of Fools - 'Happy Song'

Ruse of Fools are an indie-rock band based out of Philadelphia. Featuring Mark Gonzalez (vocals, guitar), Lee Dash (drums), Solid Steve (synth), and Katelyn Petherbridge (bass), the grouped formed in 2003. After years of solidifying their content, the band started launching YouTube content in 2015 as a way to connect with their fans visually. The first album they released was an animal rights themed concept album and more recently, they released their second album, ‘REECE.’ Off their new project, “Happy Song” is a great way to introduce yourself to their newest works.

The song begins with an addictive, monophonic piano melody accompanied by light percussion. After a short while, the infectious line is bolstered as the rest of the band enters creating an energetic, synth fueled arrangement that seamlessly leads into the verse. Mark enters singing, “Wake up/get high/ cause I’ve got friends with connections,” showcasing their relaxed timbre through subtle melodies with the instrumentation being the stronger focal point of the mix.

“Happy Song” was inspired by a poem by an anonymous student about the immoral conduct that is often encouraged in the college environment. Transitioning into the chorus, the instrumentals take on a darker timbre as they shift chord progressions and the vocal melodies accompanying become more somber. Ruse of Fools create a unique music experience with intoxicating, synth-driven instrumentals and subtle yet impactful vocal melodies that make this song memorable through emotive phrasing.

“Happy Song” was also released with along with an enticing music video. Make sure to take a moment to enjoy the out of this world content for their song!

Fans will love the compelling instrumentals and laid-back vocals of Ruse of Fools. “Happy Song” is just one track that you can be excited about off of their album, ‘REECE,’ which is available for fans along with their other music on iTunes. For more information and content from the band, visit their YouTube page!

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