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  • Bryon Harris

Music Insider Joey Stuckey Presents Music Business 101 On His New Web TV Show “Behind The Shadow”

Blind Producer Joey Stuckey, Macon Georgia’s official music ambassador, launches new web TV show to highlight musical talent. At first glance It might seem strange for a blind person to host and produce a TV show but that is just what blind producer, educator, recording engineer, inspirational speaker and touring recording artist Joey Stuckey is doing in 2018.

Stuckey has been a media personality since his early twenties when he first got started promoting independent music on terrestrial radio. Since then, he has been on both terrestrial and web radio, his local NBC TV station, a host of print and online music magazines, like the Portal Magazine and now he has taken the next step in launching his own web TV series called “Behind the Shadow” recorded and filmed at Stuckey’s recording studio “Shadow Sound Studio”. Partnering with longtime friends and collaborators WKCD productions for the visual side of the show, Stuckey says that the show is designed to promote bands and artists that are working hard to make music full time. “I know how hard it is to give your life to the creation of art, in my case, music. I want to support those people that make music their livings and to share the vast and incredible array of talent out there.”

Besides interviewing artists and bands and having them perform their music live in studio, Stuckey also is bringing viewers talks with music industry professionals like entertainment lawyers on the program to teach artists and bands about how to be successful and to highlight how to get started in the music business.

For more information, please visit Joey Stuckey's website.


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