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  • Bryon Harris

Larry Kolker - 'Just The Right Way'

Lary Kolker is an indie rocker who plays blues based soulful tunes with a pop sensibility accompanied by his distinct vocals. He has performed in numerous venues throughout NYC, the Hudson Valley, and more along with countless festivals. Larry is all about engaging listeners and trying to provide a greater perspective through his songs. His newest album, ‘Dog Year,’ features songs about love, loss, longing and other life challenges. Off that album, his song, “Just the Right Way,” will leave you wanting to hear more from his project.

As the song begins, the guitar lead in a sprightful arrangement that sets an uplifting mood progressing into the first verse. With help from Mark Dann (bass), Paul Leschen (keys), and Jeremy Kolker (drums), Larry creates an infectious instrumental arrangement that will get listeners into the groove right from the start. Entering on the verse he sings. “I'm gonna kiss you and date you and infuriate you/Just the right way/I'm gonna tease you and squeeze you and that's gonna please you/Just the right way, oh just the right way,” his bright melodic vocals enriched by harmonies making for delightful tune.

“Just the Right Way” was inspired by a new relationship that doesn’t follow rules but ends up working just right. As they sing, “You've said your goodbyes a thousand times, you don't know why/Stop livin' a lie, empty inside, don't have to cry,” in the chorus, the stellar vocal harmonies between the male and female voices touch listeners with their emotive lines before they slide right back into the upbeat groove of the verse. As the song progresses, the instrumentals kick it up a notch with killer riffs and instrumental fillers from keys that keep the song captivating.

Larry Kolker delivers a musical lighthearted music experience with uplifting vibes, enticing vocals, and fun instrumental arrangements that make for easy listening. “Just the Right Way” is just one example of his work from his new album ‘Dog Year.’ His music is available for his fans via Bandcamp. For more information on Larry, visit his website.

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