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  • Bryon Harris

Sooraj – ‘Nemesis’

Sooraj is a singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist originally out of Mumbai, India. He has played keys since one and a half, and guitar since he was 9. His musical influences range from Indian Classical Scales, to Mozart, to artist such as The Beatles and John Mayer. Sooraj is currently studying at the Musicians Institue in Los Angeles and continues to passionately make music. His track, “Nemesis,” is a fun way to introduce yourself to his stellar sound.

Filtered percussion leads us in alongside ambient drones before the bass drops in transitioning into a jazzy, syncopated groove immediately infecting its listeners with its rhythmic arrangement. Soon, Sooraj enters for the first verse as he begins to tell a story singing, “Eyes awake, beautiful today./Gonna take people's breath away./Walking straight, standing on the stage,/You're the only one I hate,” displaying his bright vocals with crystal lyrical clarity as he ebbs and flows with the instrumental arrangement through energetic vocal phrases.

“Nemesis” tells a story of a person whose faith and trust has been shattered by countless failed attempts at finding love and acceptance. Transitioning to the chorus, the bouncy rhythms of the verse slide into smooth instrumental progressions as Sooraj breaks in singing, “How did you play me, oh so easily?/So many memories,” through legato melodies before enticing listeners with a tantalizing vocal line as he sings, “You say it's all okay, throw it all away./Looking for my love I come across another nemesis.” Throughout the song, the beginning section of the chorus changes befitting the story told in the verse beforehand. Woven between choruses, an guitar solo section alongside the changes in lyrics keep this song engaging from start to finish.

Make sure to check out his entertaining music video for the song!

Sooraj will leave a lasting impression with his grooving instrumentals and dynamic melodies. “Nemesis” is just one example of Sooraj’s undoubted talent as a musician and songwriter. His music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on Sooraj, visit his website.

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