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Jet Jurgensmeyer - "Everything Will Be Alright"

If you haven’t heard of Jet Jurgensmeyer yet, you soon will. Jet has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 3 and today, at age 13, he has a long list of acting credentials and a brand new music single. His most recent film credits include starring in Nickelodeon's "Legends of the Hidden Temple", Disney's "Adventures in Babysitting", the Oscar-nominated Clint Eastwood film "American Sniper", Universal's "The Little Rascals Save the Day" as Spanky and more. On the television front, Jet boasts an extensive list of credits including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" [CBS], "Hot in Cleveland" [TV Land], "Marry Me" [NBC], "Grey's Anatomy" [ABC], "Austin & Ally" [The Disney Channel] and "Black-ish" [ABC]. He most recently guest starred as Jack's (Sean Hayes) grandson on "Will and Grace" [NBC]. Jet is now taking his career to the next level with his music single debut, “Everything Will Be Alright”. The song, written by Wes Hightower and Aidan James, showcases Jet’s rising talent as a country-pop singer.

“Everything Will Be Alright” opens with a catchy, upbeat intro. Jet enters singing “You go a whole lot on your plate / Find it hard to negotiate the twists and turns on the way to great / Everything will be okay. “ The first thing that stands out is Jet’s voice. For a young singer, Jet has a nice, clear tone and sings with great expression. Equally important is Jet’s overall dynamic performance of the song on the studio recording and in the video. Jet displays great charisma and an ability to bring out the song’s positive message by clearly giving his heart to each phrase. In addition to singing, Jet also plays the guitar throughout showcasing his instrumental ability.

See and hear Jet's dynamic performance for yourself on the video:

“Everything Will Be Alright” has an excellent, catchy and universal chorus. “Hang Loose/ hang in / Hold on and hang ten / The waves they’re gonna crash anyway / Life is a ride up and down and side to side / I just breath and I close my eyes / Everything will be alright." Nice vocal harmonies enhance the hook. The production of “Everything Will Be Alright” is stellar giving this song a nice pop flavor that's easy to sing along with. The song is upbeat, reassuring and positive as the lyrics take on some complex situations for young entertainers in today's scene. "Tryin’ so hard to be myself, but I make more money being someone else. “ And the line, “How about my friends who know me will they love me or just my money.”

After hearing and watching Jet’s performance of “Everything Will Be Alright”, there is no doubt that this young singer will reach his dreams in music, as he did in acting, and continue to make his mark in both fields as a rising talent to watch.

For more information on Jet, check out his website.

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