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  • Bryon Harris

Faultlines – ‘Rain’

Faultlines is a dynamic Folk trio aspiring to create music riddled with unbridled human emotion to make strong connections with their listeners. The group features John Flanagan (vocals), Ashley Morgan (vocals), and Todd McCool (guitar and vocals). They will release their full-length studio album, ‘Bittersweet Revival,’ this spring. Their lead single, “Rain,” which will have a music video premiere on YouTube March 9th, is a surefire way to have you excited for their upcoming projects.

Starting off, Faultlines lead in acapella with entrancing vocal harmony. After the eight-bar introduction, Todd enters on guitar mimicking the vocal harmonies of the intro with pulsing percussion. Ashley is the first to showcase her vocal prowess taking lead in the first verse singing, “There’s a man in a big white house trying to take my rights away,/But I don’t need no master cause a woman aint no slave,” making a powerful statement through riveting vocal melodies.

Make sure you take a moment to watch the killer music video for the song!

“Rain” was inspired by the wave of activism brought about in 2017 with movements like The Women’s March. Progressing through the song, each member of the trio takes the lead on a verse, shedding light on different political issues. Ashely sings about women’s rights, John takes a stance for the LGBTQ community and their freedom to marry, and Todd makes a stance on immigration policy each member showcasing their distinct, immaculate voices through strong, memorable verses. The trio all come together in lush harmony in a compelling hook putting the cherry on top of this amazing song.

Faultlines are sure amass a large following with moving songs like “Rain.” Politically charged, relatable lyrics driven by lush harmony and spectacular voices make Faultlines easy to fall in love with. Their music is available for fans on iTunes. For more information on the group and their upcoming releases, make sure to visit their website.

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