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  • Bryon Harris

BARK - 'Cold and Silent (feat. Krystal Hawes)'

BARK is an electronic, alternative soul duo based out of NYC. Featuring Alessio Casalini (guitars, synths and programming) and Alexey Artemov (drums, percussion and programming), the duo came to life in 2014. Their first self-titled EP was released in 2016 with a collection of distinct tracks. Each of the songs were a collaborative effort featuring various singer-songwriters and talented musicians. Two music videos were released along with the EP. In 2017, they released their single “The Liar (feat. Aidan Flores-Hall)” and spent most of the year in the studio working on new music as well as performing. Their newest single released with an accompanying video, “Cold and Silent (feat Krystal Hawes),” will have you pumped for their up and coming projects later this year.

At the start of the song, BARK immediately captivates listeners with an immersive soundscape featuring panning drones, high pitched interferences, and haunting vocal samples accompanied by an underlying synth groove creating an eerie mood for the introduction. Not before long, it breaks into a synth-fueled melodic groove as Krystal enters singing, “With each passing day /You give my love away /I'm trying my best to be cold and silent.” Afterwards, BARK breaks into another instrumental section showcasing the melodic synths as they shift octaves and enticing electric guitar lines.

“Cold and Silent (feat Krystal Hawes)” was inspired by early German EBM, generally characterized by cold mechanic patterns. As the song continues to progress through different verses woven between instrumental sections, the production builds into an entrancing flurry of melodic synth, layers of percussion, and layers of distorted guitar. This song is a grand display of BARK’s sound that listeners are sure to remember.

Take a moment and watch the thrilling music video for the song!

BARK creates a unique and unforgettable music experience that electronic fans love. “Cold and Silent (feat Krystal Hawes)” is an exciting preview to what more is to come. All of their music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on BARK, visit their website.

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