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Jana Pochop – ‘Money & Heart’

Jana Pochop is a folk-pop, folk-rap artist out of Albuqueque, NM. She began her career as an independent singer/songwriter as a child when her parents gave her a guitar instead of the drum kit she asked for. At 11, she discovered Mary Chapin Carpenter, who gave her a beautiful purpose for that guitar. In 2014 she released an EP titled, ‘Throats Are Quarries,’ showcasing her instinct for deep groves. Her most recent single, “Money & Heart,” is a stellar example of her distinct sound.

The intro begins with an acoustic guitar progression accompanied by a light melody on keys and grooving percussion. As the melodic phrase comes to an end, the instrumentals ease back as Jana enters rapping, “I grew up always trying to put on the right face/Carried everything I knew inside of my guitar case/Hymns in the choir came with an impossible key change/I kept changing key and they kept looking at me strange,” displaying her unique folk-rap style through story like verses. Moving forward, the instrumentals build as Jana continues to entrance you with her words.

“Money & Heart” tells a story about how some artist struggle everyday to make they art and to make enough money to support themselves. This song is a tribute to all artists dealing with these struggles and the people who support them. Transitioning into the melodic hook, Jana asks, “When the headphone meets the ear/When the artist beats the fear/Is there a system to this art?/Is there money where there’s heart?,” through simple, memorable melodies with the addition of lulling vocal harmonies. Between the uniqueness of her folk-rap verses and the catchy hook, “Money& Heart,” Is sure to be a unforgettable music experience.

Take a moment to check out her lyric video here!

Jana Pochop brings her own distinct flair to the folk scene with her grooving tunes like “Money & Heart.” Her music is available for fans via her BandCamp and iTunes. For more information on Jana Pochop and her music, please visit her website.

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