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  • Bryon Harris

Christian Cordan – ‘You and Me’

Christian Cordan is a singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, model, and actor. His primary style of music is contemporary R&B/Soul adding southern influences to make his distinct sound. Cordan’s music is heavily influenced by his past lamentations, relationships, mistakes, as well as his aspirations for the future. He hopes to inspire people through his passion to never give up on their dreams. Christian’s newest infectious single is “You and Me.”

The track kicks off with a smooth synth progression as Cordan vocalizes building towards the first verse. As the beat drops, Cordan enters on the first verse singing, “Long days/And nights/Which way?/To get it right, Oh/To get it right, to get it right,” showcasing his addicting vocals through memorable melodies. The production grows with a powerful sub-bass building towards the chorus. Seamlessly transitioning into the pre-chorus, Cordan changes up the vocal melody singing, “You and Me/Can go/Oooo…

“You and Me” was inspired by a past relationship where Cordan gives everything his all only to be let down, causing him to close off and choose his pride over love. He exclaims this in the chorus singing, “Hands down/I’m too proud/For love/But with eyes shut/It’s you I’m thinking of.” As the song progresses, the production is bolstered by subtle additions that add more depth to the track. The repetitive, relatable lyrics combined with catchy melodies and Cordan’s easy on the ears vocals, “You and Me" is a track that anybody can listen and vibe with.

Take a moment and check out his music video for the song!

Christian Cordan will not disappoint with his smooth, sensational vocals and captivating production. “You and Me” is just one of his many songs that you can enjoy. His music is available for purchase via CDbaby. To keep up with information on Christian Cordan and all of his work, visit his website.

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