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  • Bryon Harris

Olivia Frances – ‘It Just Takes One’

Olivia Frances is a pop-folk artist based out of Cincinnati with sunny disposition and wisdom that shine through her musical creations. Her latest single, “Moon to My Sun,” won Best Pop Song of 2017 in the Ohio Music Awards and has been nominated in the love song category in The 16th Annual Independent Music Awards. “It Just Takes One,” is a perfect example of her bubbly sound that easy to love and will surely uplift your spirits.

The mood is set by ukulele strumming accompanied by light percussion, bells, and bass creating a bright soundscape. Leading into the first verse Olivia sings, “Take the time, have a heart /Give a little, get a lot /Show you care, do your part /Don’t take much, to shine like a star,” displaying a clean vocal forward mix through simple, infectious melodies. Right from the start, Olivia’s music makes for easy listening creating a carefree atmosphere with the ability to put you in a better mood.

Take a moment to enjoy her song on YouTube!

“It Just Takes One” is written on the premise that all it takes is one small, kind gesture to brighten someone’s day. The cheerful lyrics of the verses and joyous accompaniment all lead to a grandiose chorus where she sings, “IT JUST TAKES ONE/Smile to brighten someone’s day/IT JUST TAKES ONE/Laugh to chase the blues away/If someone’s feeling down and out/Lend a hand, help em out,” in an unforgettable tune. “It Just Takes One” just takes one listen to completely brighten your mood and have you falling for Olivia’s music.

Olivia Frances brings joy to her listeners with each encouraging phrase and engaging melody. Her song, “It Just Takes One,” is just one of her many enjoyable light-hearted tunes to fall in love with. Her music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on Olivia Frances and her music, visit their website.

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