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  • Bryon Harris

Nina Amelio – ‘Believe Me’

Nina Amelio is a pop artist hailing from British Columbia, Canada. In 2015, she was in the CBC Top 10 regional finals. With the exposure garnered from being a part of CBC, her single, “Who Do You Think You Are?” received national air play. In May of 2016, Nina signed with Arrow and Spark, an elite music management agency. With help from management, her song “Savage Love” reached over 400k plays on Soundcloud and her music has gained international radio rotation. Most recently, her newest single “Faded Away” won Singeruniverse Best Vocalist of the month. Her song “Believe Me” will show you just why people are raving over her music.

The song begins with ambient vocalizes accompanied by filtered percussion creating an eerie introduction to the song. Nina enters singing, “Sometimes I Torture myself/Sometimes I feel like Im not enough,” showcasing her powerful voice with glistening vibrato through a clean vocal mix. The accompaniment builds as the song builds towards the chorus, engaging production with layers of backing vocals make for a simple yet captivating arrangement.

“Believe Me” was inspired by the relationship between Nina’s relationship with her mom and her mother’s relationship with her grandmother, more simply put, it’s about mothers worries for their daughters. In the striking chorus she sings, “Mama don't cry/Mama please don't be mad, he’s not like my dad, believe me/Mama don't cry/You don't understand, he’s not like your man, he loves me/Mama don't cry/You say that he'll leave, I’m not that naive, believe me/Mama don't cry/Just don't be afraid, I know that he'll stay, he loves me,” with stellar, emotive melodies that drive the message of the song home, the chorus leaves a huge impact making this into a song you’ll want to hear again and again.

Nina Amelio delivers with strong vocals and a killer hook that you won’t forget in her song “Believe Me.” Make sure to listen to her new releases which are always available on Spotify and iTunes. For more information on Nina, visit her website.

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