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  • Bryon Harris

The BeeKeepers Win Akademia Award

New London, Connecticut

The BeeKeepers announce that they have received an Akademia Music Award for ‘Best Folk EP’ for ‘Songs from the Hive, Vol. 1.’ The committee at the Akademia Music Academy stated that “The BeeKeepers's voice-forward production technique is perfectly conceived; their honest lyricality is impossible to resist, and their melodic instincts are well-articulated by the guitar as well."

The BeeKeepers are 3 women who play 13 instruments. Amanda “Mandy” Sullivan, Sylvie Abate and Phred Mileski “display dense and diverse instrumental ability” on vocals, guitar, classical guitar, bass, u-bass, merlin, banjo, accordion, piano, hand-percussion, ukulele - everything in the kitchen sink! "Stylistically, The BeeKeepers, billed as alternative folk music, amalgamate a variety of stylistic flavors into their sound, including folk, pop, alt rock, bluegrass and blues. This blending of genres, along with gorgeously tight vocal harmonies, results in a hearing-secret-harmonies effluvium that goes beyond delightful and enters the realm of fabulous." -The Huffington Post Each woman is a songwriter, arranger and producer in her own right and together The BeeKeepers write, record, produce and perform original music influenced by Americana, Acoustic-Rock, Folk and Blues. In addition to their original songs, The BeeKeepers also pay tribute to the female artists who influenced their careers, performing cover songs by Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Edith Piaf and Annie Lennox to name a few for a truly captivating musical experience.

“We were excited to receive the award and hope to continue writing songs that people love,” – Sylvie Abate

To check out The BeeKeepers please visit their website.

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