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  • Bryon Harris

Lily Vakili Band – ‘Warn Dog’

Lily Vakili Band is an independent rock band based out of Montclair, New Jersey. Fronted by Lily Vakili with aid from Ben St. Jacques (lead guitar), Gordon Kuba (drums), Jim Tyndall (bass), Joel Dorow (glock/harp), and Cecil Williams (backup vocals), the group delivers a mix of unbridled rock and blues-driven ballads. The band is currently working on the third album which is to be released sometime this year. A teaser to their upcoming album, the first single “Warn Dog,” is a surefire way to get you excited for their upcoming project.

Starting off with a droning rhythm guitar progression, a melodic lead guitar line soon joins transitioning into the first verse as Lily eerily sings, “Like a dog/Chained in the yard too long/I howl at anything that comes along/I wait in misery/That’s all I do /For one sign/One small return/For all the love /I gave to you.” Her voice displays an engaging story-telling timbre that progressively builds energy as it creeps towards the chorus mesmerizing listeners with her entrancing tone.

“Warn Dog” expresses what it is like to be worn down by unrequited love to the point where you quite literally feel like a guard dog put off by anyone who comes into your path. The verse leads seamlessly into the hook as she sings, “You come around/No telling what I’ll do/Bark like the Warn Dog You turned me into,” before exploding with layers of vocal harmony and a tantalizing, rock fueled instrumentals that create an energetic jam. Running at about two minutes long, the songs two verses and choruses are divided by a head-banging instrumental break. They group takes the momentum they build from the instrumental break and drive it through all the way to the end of the track for a quick, yet memorable and exciting

music experience.

Take a moment to enjoy their music video for "Warn Dog"

The Lily Vakili Band will have you falling in love with their distinct sound and energetic tunes that make you want to get up and jam out. “Warn Dog” is just an exciting sneak peak into their newest album with two other albums that fans can enjoy. Their music is available for fans on Bandcamp. For more information on the Lily Vakili Band, visit their Facebook page.

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