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Bryce Hitchcock - In the Movies

Bryce Hitchcock is as multi-talented as an artist can get. She is a singer, a songwriter, a musician and an actress. As a songwriter, Bryce has a prolific catalog and as an actress, she is best known for her voice work as Deuce in the Final Fantasy game. Born in Nashville, Bryce began playing violin at the age of three and later added piano and guitar to her instrumental toolbox. Vocally, Bryce delivers a harmonious and heartfelt blend of Folk, Blues, Jazz and Pop with a hint of Country. Her song "In the Movies," with help from Stuart Gray (producer:Jealoustown Studios, guitarist) and Shane Gough (drums), is sure to be another hit in her catalog.

'In the Movies' opens with some street traffic ambiance. In the background you can hear the faint sound of cars passing by and auto horns which fade to make room for a funky bass-line, accompanied by percussion, that sets a nice jamming groove. Bryce enters singing, "Whenever I go outside /Even on a cold night /All the pairs of faces /Smiling like they’re ageless / Cause love makes you happy so they say." Immediately, the listener is treated to a smooth and soulful tone with just the right amount of pop sensibility.

The verses build up nicely to the catchy chorus. A nice feature in the chorus is the additional texture of syncopated guitar phrasing. The lyrics in the chorus are, "I want to be loved like in the movies / So, put me on a big screen / If someone would have me / I need to be free and love just clips my wings / So, I can’t breathe no I need to breathe, yeah Help me breathe and leave me be." Bryce is making a commentary on how love is portrayed in the entertainment industry. On the big screen, love is often romanticized and idealistic. Bryce seems to be saying, it's okay to find yourself first and take some time to fly independently.

Released on Valentine's Day, "In the Movies" is a song to fall in love with if you are looking for the whole package. Bryce delivers with exceptional vocal talent, a polished and well-produce track, a strong hook and lyrics that anyone can relate to. Haven't we all wished for a romance like the movies? Just like in a good romantic movie, Bryce is mesmerizing in subtle way and you find that you have fallen in love with her music without trying.

Bryce shines like a true pop star who has perfected her art. "In the Movies" is available on all major outlets. For more information on Bryce, visit her website.

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