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  • Bryon Harris

Trizzy Trav – ‘All Mine’

Travis Herbert, aka Trizzy Trav, is a producer/recording artist out of Buffalo, New York. Trizzy Trav is part of a hip hop group called Loyalty Life. Raised in New Jersey, he was able to find comfort in expressing his emotions through songwriting, making it his passion. Trizzy released one mixtape under his former name, T.Dot. Since then, Trizzy has been avidly working, releasing new projects. His first full project, ‘Love For The Sport,’ an album with a Lil Wayne vibe, was released in 2013. He followed up with a second project, ‘Thoughts of Ambition,’ in 2015. Most recently, Trizzy dropped his EP, ‘TrizzySZN.’

Off of his new album, his song “All Mine,” shows off Trizzy’s infectious sound. Kicking off with a wavy synth line, Trizzy throws in some ad-libs as he gets ready to enter for the first verse. With the drop of the bass, the production picks up and Trizzy enters rapping, “Don't tell a n**** move on/I been waitin' for this day since our first meetin'/My fall back game too strong/Don't worry what a n**** doin' for the weekend/I been messin' with you too long,” his voice powerful, clear, and engaging. His vocal forward mix puts the focus on his voice and lyrics, not just the beat, showing off his clever lines and dynamic flow, transitioning to a more melodic flow for the second half of his verses.

‘All Mine’ was inspired by the back and forth feelings Trizzy had with a girl. Trizzy named the song ‘All Mine,’ (a double entendre) taking ownership of the situations mentioned throughout the song. In the chorus he sings, “Can I be, Can I be the one/(It’s all mine)/Can I be, Can I be the one/(It’s all mine)/You and me, You and me are one/(It’s all mine)/Can I be, Can I be /(All mine, It’s all mine),” bringing the verses together in a memorable moment of the song.

Trizzy Trav delivers a quality music experience with relatable verses, witty bars, and a memorable chorus. With strong tracks like ‘All Mine,’ it will be exciting to see how this passionate artist will continue to develop. His music is available for fans vie iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora. For updates on Trizzy Trav, make sure to follow his Instagram page!

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