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  • Bryon Harris

The Naked Animals – ‘Bullet Proof Chest’

The Naked Animals are an Indie Alt-Rock project fronted by singer/songwriter and producer Jody Hicks. Hicks tackles themes of psychological struggles, philosophical dilemmas, relationships and much more using his writing as an outlet of his experiences and thoughts. Hicks has a plethora of musical achievements ranging from songs in film, major television song placements, countless commercial ad campaigns and even video games and apps. His song “Bullet Proof Chest” from his ‘Something Perfect’ EP will show you exactly why his talent has earned him these merits.

“Bullet Proof Chest” is sure to get your heart racing with its high-octane instrumental arrangement. Starting off, a heavily distorted guitar progression leads off before being bombarded by another layer of wailing lead guitar and slamming drums in a chaotic mix that captures the mood of the song. “Bullet Proof Chest” was inspired by how people are affected by the media/marketing and advertising of products that is made to be sexy, and appealing but with the planned obsolescence of things they shortly become old news. This song is a reminder to Hicks not to fall into these traps.

Hicks does a magnificent job capturing the theme of the song through his emotive vocals and lyrics. In the first verse he sings, “Choking Biting Scratching Clawing/On Your Knees Or While Your Crawling/Filthy Sexy Dirty Money/Take It All/And shake it for me,” displaying his raw vocals as he alludes to the sexuality of the media. His vocals and lyrics are powerful creating a music experience that will strike at your core with its heavy message.

The Naked Animals strive to make melodies and lyrics that are honest and pure resulting in genuine music that engages thought while also delivering a massive rocking sound. “Bullet Proof Chest” is just one of The Naked Animals many songs that vary in style and composure that showcase The Naked Animals talent and drive. Their music is available on iTunes. For more information on The Naked Animals, visit their website.

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