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  • Bryon Harris

Milan Credle – ‘Take Me To Pluto’

Milan Credle is a hip-hop/rap artist based out of Lancaster, PA. Growing up in a musical family is what led Milan to strive to be successful in a musical career. He was inspired by the likes of artist such as Bob Marley, Luther Vandross, and Tupac. It is Milan’s goal to bring a new sound to the hip-hop scene and inspire everyone to never stop chasing after their dreams. His song “Take Me To Pluto,” showcases Milan’s inspirational sound.

Right at the start, the production by DreBrown entrances you with its smooth elements in a radio ready mix. Kicking off with the hook featuring vocals from Velkro Lastrange they sing, “Take me to Pluto/Where my dream can fly/Take me too Pluto/Where my dreams never die/You say the sky is the limit/You tell me that's how high/But take me to Pluto/Where your dreams are alive,” showing off his bright vocals through the infectious melodies. The production amps up halfway through the hook as the beat drops engaging listeners.

Milan graces his listeners with insightful bars and uplifting verses. “Take Me To Pluto” was inspired by Milan’s decision to chase his dreams, pursuing music as his full-time occupation. He wrote this song as inspiration to other to keep pushing for their goals even through hard times. In one verse he raps, “Dear Mr. Empty /and Ms. Bitter/I see you keep people from dreaming too/So let me ask you/What happen to you? /Saying dreams ain't true /It belongs to fools/Thinking we crazy too/A lot I know you been through /Let me walk you thru it /No validation from your ppls /Man I been thru it,” connecting himself with his listeners through his immaculate tone and clear vocals. Milan’s masterful flow and lyrics combined with hit potential production and a killer hook, “Take Me To Pluto” is an outstanding track.

Milan Credle not only has the drive, but the undeniable talent to make something out of his music. There is no doubt that with songs like “Take Me To Pluto” he will achieve his goal of inspiring people to chase their dreams. His music is available for fans on iTunes. For more information on Milan, visit their website.

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