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  • Bryon Harris

Hector Ward & The Bigtime – ‘Brown Liquor’

Hector Ward & The Bigtime is a lively group with a unique sound hailing from Austin, TX. Known for their incredible live performances, fans rave over their raunchy guitar licks, strong vocals, and the huge sound from their horns. HWBT currently has three records in distribution, ‘Freightline Funk,’ ‘Sum Of All,’ and their latest 22 song project, ‘Evolution – Live From The Saxon Pub.’ Their music has earned them accolades in the Austin music scene such as Austin Chronicle’s Best New Local Acts list and a Best Of Critics Pick in the Austin Music Awards. Their song, “Brown Liquor,” from ‘Freightline Funk’ showcases their sound in a riveting musical experience.

Kicking off, engaging percussion leads into a catchy horn riff accompanied by bass that gradually adds harmonic layers creating an energetic sound. As the captivating intro continues, it evolves into a solid groove with killer guitar riffs and an exciting bass line. Hector enters singing, “Lordy Mama I said I love brown liquor/Lordy Mama I said I love that brown liquor/Oh it'll have you all warm and glowing inside now,” showcasing strong, raspy blues inspired vocals. Keeping you engaged, the song breaks into instrumental sections with enticing guitar solos.

“Brown Liquor” is about life’s pleasures and how you can enjoy them moderately or end up abusing them. Hector sings, “It'll have me walking home one foot on the sidewalk/One foot in the gutter/Maybe in some handcuffs,” relating to the abuse of alcohol. As the song progresses, they add vocal harmonies to the hook keeping a lively sound. The attitude of the vocals helps to bolster the instrumental arrangement that drives the song forward. Running at about three minutes, this jam style tune is sure to get a crowd energized.

Take a break to enjoy HWBT's music video for their song!

There is no wonder why Hector Ward & The Bigtime have received the accolades they have in the live music capital of the world. “Brown Liquor” is engaging with funky, rocking instrumentals met by blues inspired vocals that would make for a stellar live performance. Their music is available on iTunes as well as all other major music outlets. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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