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  • Bryon Harris

Talia Perez – ‘Success’

Talia Perez is an energetic Pop/EDM with an ambitious drive to make her mark on the music scene. At the age of 14, Talia made it to the top 70 of 200,000 auditions. Years later at age 17, she was accepted into the Berklee School of Music. At 18, she released her debut single titled, “Champion.” Her music is an exciting mix of electronic and pop with elements of hip-hop. Talia’s music has recently been featured on commercials for companies like Hulu, Conde Nast, and Cover Girl. Her song, “Success” is her newest single showcasing her talent.

Leading in with warbling synths, the dynamic production is sure to engage listeners with its well arranged electronic arrangement backed by a hip-hop influenced beat that makes for entrancing production. Entering for the first verse, Talia sings, “Ain’t got time to sit back/Gotta ride that jet pack/I ain’t looking behind/Keep up with my beat of time/No more hanging around,” her crisps vocals are powerful with glimpses of vibrato that adds shimmer to the end of her rhythmic phrases. The vocal mix is exciting transitioning from doubled vocal effects, to subtle harmonies, to more clear, unfiltered sections showcasing Talia’s infectious voice.

“Success” is about reaching your dreams and going above and beyond. Talia wrote this song as a message of encouragement and inspiration for people to reach their dreams and she surely embodies this message with the up-beat timbre of the song. Building up to the chorus she sings, “So don’t you get left behind/Keep up with my beat of time/Ain’t gonna rewind, one of a kind,” egging you to keep up with her as she strives for success before singing in the chorus, “That’s just how we roll/That’s just how we go/It’s what we do/Ain’t got time to snooze.”

With its captivating EDM and hip hop inspired production combined with energetic vocals from Talia, “Success,” is great tune to uplift your spirits. There is no doubt that Talia will continue to grow as an artist and further develop her sound with more to look forward to in the future. Fans can purchase her music via iTunes , Google Play, and Amazon. For more information on Talia Perez, visit her website.

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