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  • Bryon Harris

Oddnote – ‘Money Comes, Money Goes’

Oddnote is a fresh rock band out of the heart of Nashville, TN that formed in the summer of 2017. Arman Asadsangabi, who represents the passionate spirited persona that is Oddnote, seeks to create a deep spiritual and meaningful experience for his listeners. October of 2017, Oddnote began recording its first album at DogFox studio in Nashville. With the full album tracked out, Arman looked for others to share his passion with him on his musical journey. With the additions of Joseph Downing, Rocko Beall, Nick Huff, and Mathew Millstein, the newly formed Oddnote is proving it is well beyond its age.

Oddnote’s “Money Comes, Money Goes,” showcases their addicting rock song with a huge sound, addicting riffs, and unforgettable vocals. The song kicks off with a memorable isolated guitar riff that after playing in its entirety is joined by the entrance of bass and percussion filling out the arrangement with a stellar mix. He enters singing, “Money comes money goes/People talk people call/Do it all till it’s gone/There is nothing wrong with living,” displaying his raw, edgy distorted vocals that blend perfectly with the instrumentals to create a pristine rock sound.

“Money Comes, Money Goes” is about choosing carefully what you value in life because sometimes, the most valuable things lay in your heart or are sitting right in front of you. Transitioning to the chorus, the instrumentals become a bit more legato as he sings, “I don’t know why, why we run from ourselves/Fly to the sky, away from hell,” with an infectious tone that will make this music experience memorable. Running at about 2:30, this shorter song leaves a lasting impression proving just how incredible Oddnote is.

Take a break and check out their song on YouTube!

Oddnote will not disappoint with their engaging instrumentals, meaningful lyrics, and killer vocal melodies. “Money Comes, Money Goes” is just one song to get excited about for rock lovers with many more to come from this rising group. With the multi-talented, passionate Arman Asadsangabi as the frontman, there is no doubt Oddnote will leave its mark. Fans can purchase their music on iTunes. For more information on Oddnote, visit their website.

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