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  • Bryon Harris

The Good Morning Nags – ‘Mount Holler’

The Good Morning Nags are a country-folk band based out of New York City. The group features Britt Reagan (dulcimer, lead vocals), Titus Tompkins (percussion, vocals), Ben Quinn (guitar, vocals), Tim Hassler (fiddle, vocals), and Mark Spitznagel (Banjo). They take a unique take on country and bluegrass music with an Americana sensibility and foot-stomping rhythms. Their song, “Mount Holler,” from their self-titled project showcases just what their sound is.

The song kicks off with an energetic intro leading in with strumming banjo, soon joined by melodic fiddle lines, up-beat percussion, and an underlying bass line. The exciting, fast-paced instrumentals immediately engage you in the track uplifting your spirits. The vocals enter singing, “Well lord, I’m coming after you/Far away from what you wanted to./As fast as my feet can fly I’ll see you on the other side of home,” showcasing strong vocals with a gritty tinge that equally match the energy of the captivating instrumentals.

“Mount Holler” is about someone who is fed up and hollering at the sky yet, they keep pushing forward in hopes for the better. The song consist of four verses each starting off addressing a higher power singing, “Well lord,” and ending with the phrase, “the other side of home,” meaning whatever is next on the journey. The Good Morning Nags perfectly capture meaning behind the lyrics with the vocal presence and instrumentation creating a music experience that you really feel connected to. Keeping up this energy throughout the whole song, “Mount Holler,” is undoubtedly a song that fans will fall in love with.

The Good Morning Nags demonstrate superb musicianship and songwriting leaving no wonder of how they became a staple of the New York folk scene. The fast-paced, rhythms of “Mount Holler,” only scrape the surface of what The Good Morning Nags have to offer. Music is available for fans via iTunes, Bandcamp, CDBaby, and Spotify. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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