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  • Bryon Harris


RYLY is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter with an aspiration to create authentic music that will inspire and relate to people on a deeper level. RYLY released their first self-titled EP which reached #25 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts and sold in all 50 states and over 15 countries. Recording and producing in Nashville TN, he debuted his newest singles, “DNA” and “vulnerable” in 2017 with plans to release his first record this spring. His single “DNA,” is a great display of his passion and talent.

“DNA” leads in with a feedback drone of electric guitar before the entrance of chugging drums and bass and melodic arpeggios making for an energetic introduction. Keeping up the energy, RYLY enters singing, “Fingerprints and photographs these pictures in my brain/infinite galaxies inside our DNA/Can I accept that I am more than flesh and bone/inside these cardboard walls I've learned to call my home,” his voice taking the spotlight with a crystal-clear tone and bright timbre. Moving forward, the instrumentals change gear as he builds towards the chorus creating an engaging progression.

In “DNA,” RYLY describes what his hopes and dreams are to live the life he wants to live. He exclaims this in the chorus singing, “I want to sing through the lows and highs/I want to live not just survive/and I want to know, I want to know you did it too,” through memorable pop melodies and a stellar vocal quality that anybody could love. There is no doubt that by the end of the song you will be singing along with the unforgettable chorus as RYLY drives the infectious melodies deep into your memory with this unforgettable music experience.

RYLY shows promise as a rising artist with his high-quality production and infectious sound. “DNA” will definitely leave pop-lovers excited to hear what more is to come from his up and coming debut album. His music is available for fans via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc. For more information on RYLY, visit their website.


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