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  • Bryon Harris

Beavers From Mars – ‘Tyranny Of The Ordinary’

Beavers From Mars are an Indie-Rock group out of Europe. The band features Giacomo Turra (guitar,vocals), Francesco Weber (guitar), Filippo Luchi (piano, vocals), Daniel Kasal (bass), and Giacomo Meroni (drums). Originally, they group started off as a cover band inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, and The Beatles. When Filippo, joined the band, they were introduced to more psychedelic influences changing up the bands writing process. By 2017, they released their debut EP, ‘Landing On Planet Earth.’ Their first single off that album, “Tyranny Of The Ordinary,” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to their sound.

The song opens with a resonant electric guitar progression and the vocals enter with a slight filter singing, “Blank are the days/Covered in thick white paint/Life is always the same/God I don't want to feel so faint.” Closing off the intro, an ambient scream lets off as we are led into an energetic arrangement of piano, guitar, bass and drums playing an infectious riff in unison. The instrumentals throughout the track go from unforgettable riffs, to all-out rocking jams, to steady pulses featuring flourishes from horns, making them extremely engaging from start to finish.

“Tyranny Of The Ordinary” speaks about how people will stuck in the monotonous routines of life and how null the ordinary aspects of your life can start to feel. They challenge to break free from the ordinary and find deeper meaning and add value to what happens with their lives. Singing, “Thought are/getting complicated/Never see the truth/Closed in rooms of observation, there's no point of view/No common sense, the circle's going on, on, on,” their lyrics engage you to think of how you are living your life, is everything just going around in a loop? Ironically, the song comes full circle ending the same way it started but with the addition of accents from horn.

Take a break and check out their music video for "Tyranny Of The Ordinary"

Beavers From Mars are a group to be excited about with their unique sound, killer instrumentals and thought provoking vocals, you will want to experience them for yourself. “Tyranny Of The Ordinary,” is just one of their songs coming off their debut EP, ‘Landing On Planet Earth.’ Their music is available for fans on iTunes. For more information on The Beavers From Mars, visit their website.

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