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Aaron Graham – ‘Cry Out’

Aaron Graham is a Christian Rock recording artist from Northern Ireland. Aaron has been involved in music since a young age which is what drove his path to become the artist he is today. His songs can be heard on Christian Radio throughout the US and UK. His song, “Cry Out,” from his project ‘Not About Us’ is the perfect way to introduce yourself to his sound.

The song kicks in with a high energy arrangement of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals in a captivating introduction to lead up to the first verse. The instrumentals lay back as the vocals enter singing, “Can You Hear Me calling out to you /Can You see me I'm Falling on my knees,” showing off Aaron’s soothing vocal tone through easy to remember melodies and lyrics in a clear vocal mix.

Aaron wrote “Cry Out” while watching biblical events of Christians being persecuted and being execute for their faith, he then based it on the Psalm 55. The verse smoothly transitions into the chorus where Aaron sings, “I cry out freedom for your people/I cry out send your power today/I cry out freedom for your people/I cry out set the captives free,” in a memorable moment that listeners will be able to join in and sing along creating a perfect environment for religious music. Later, the tone changes in the bridge allowing for a captivating build up to the final chorus.

For your enjoyment, here is a lyric video for "Cry Out"

Aaron Graham delivers a stellar performance with his song “Cry Out.” The simple melodies and divine message make this song easy listening, perfect for people looking specifically for religious music or just an enjoyable tune. Aarons music is available for fans via CdBaby. For more information on Aaron and his music, visit his website.

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