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  • Bryon Harris

Banshee Child – ‘Don’t Need Money’

Banshee Child is a Blues Rock/Indie Rock group out of Louisville, KY. Founded in March of 2016, the band features Joshua Catlett (guitar), Matt Meredith (vocals), Colin Yopp (drums), and Vince Heller (bass). Banshee Child delivers unadulterated rock n’ roll with hints of blues and alternative to create their distinct sound. They just released their self-titled EP on December 1st with plans to release another EP for the spring of 2018. Off their EP, their song “Don’t Need Money” is a perfect introduction to this up and coming group.

Kicking off with high energy, Matt belts, “Well Alright,” before the group dives in to a high-octane jam of melodic electric guitar, accompanied by a bass line in unison as well as a tight drum sound. With another belt of “Well Alright,” the instrumentals transition making their progression into the hook of the song. After an engaging intro, the they enter singing, “You don’t need money you don’t need love/You don’t need no help from the man above/You can’t tell everybody what they don’t know/Keep a trick up your sleeve for the end of the show,” displaying classic rock vocals that make for a truly infectious sound when grouped with the killer instrumentals.

“Don’t Need Money” is sung from the perspective of a rebel, an outcast who doesn’t need or want help from anyone and can make do on his own. Banshee Child does well to embody the spirit of the rebel in their playing. As the song progresses listeners are graced with wailing solos that will awaken the rocker within you and keep listeners engaged. The song is on the shorter side running at 2:25 making a quick yet effective way for the band to prove themselves to listeners as the begin to emerge on the scene.

Take a moment to enjoy a music video from Banshee Child!

Banshee Child delivers a straight up rock n roll sound with great energy that will leave a lasting impression. “Don’t Need Money” will have you excited for what more is to come from this stellar group of rockers. Their music is available for fans via iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and CD Baby. For more information on Banshee Child, visit their Facebook page.

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