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Derek Jordan – “This Will Be My Year”

Derek Jordan, is a songwriter, recording artist, and fitness advocate hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Derek began his music career by founded the organic rock band, Decoded, in 2012. Before disbanding in 2015, the band had toured much of the West Coast and their single “Topanga” received national radio play on over 120 college radio stations, reaching #1 for four weeks on 88.7FM WPCD. Inspired by his passion for music and desire to explore and expand his horizons, Derek left his day job of 10 years to travel around Europe visiting 12 countries over the span of six months. His recent single, “This Will Be My Year,” is a perfect way to introduce yourself to his sound.

As the song begins, an anthem-like electric guitar phrase slowly fades in leading us into the first verse of the song. Entering the first verse, the arrangement picks up momentum with a steady beat laid out on drums, an arpeggiated guitar line leads the instrumentals, and a simple bass line keeps the groove. Derek enters singing, “Lord knows I try/Things get in the way/Fail more than enough/And make twice as many mistakes,” keeping lower energy as he sings memorable melodies leaving space to build as he progresses to the pre-chorus. The energy rises as the instrumental arrangement switches gears entering the pre-chorus, making for a climactic lead into the chorus.

“This Will Be My Year” is a statement about how people tend to start the year with resolutions or goals only to find yourself slipping as the year goes on and setting the same goals again the next year. This song is an anthem to live up to those goals and truly make this year different. In the chorus he sings, “This will be my year /Everything gets better /I become a winner /I become a winner/This will be my year/Find a way to finish/I can say I did it/I can say I did it/This will be my year,” in a high-octane arrangement of wailing guitars, slamming drums, and bass. As the song progresses, the verses continue to build eventually leading to an instrumental break with screeching guitar solos, keeping you engaged from start to finish.

Take a moment to enjoy Derek's YouTube post of "This Will Be My Year"

Derek Jordan is a passionate artist and there is no doubt that he will make this year his own. “This Will Be My Year” is just one song to look forward to from Derek with many more to come. His music is available for fans via Soundcloud and iTunes. For more information on Derek Jordan, visit his website.

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