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  • Bryon Harris

Jake Brooker – ‘Will To Survive’

Jake Brooker is a singer/songwriter hailing from England. Raised in Essex, Jake was heavy into the punk music scene. Previously, he was in a band called The Frescaders before going solo at the start of 2017. Jake has an aching desire to have a sustainable music career. His sound is driven by his experiences, beliefs and friends. His song, “Will To Survive” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to his punk inspired folk sound.

The song kicks off with a twangy, melodic guitar line that leads smoothly into the first verse. His guitar playing is engaging setting a upbeat mood before the vocals enter. After a four-bar intro, Jake enters singing, “Water you down like a thirsty pine. /A kiss of good luck and your finest wine. /I'm ready to roll in my rusty car. /For tonight we'll just follow the northern star,” showcasing his raw vocals through catchy melodies and a pristine mix. After the first section of the verse, the instrumental arrangement is bolstered with the addition of layered guitars, bass, and percussion keeping the song captivating as it progresses towards the chorus.

“Will To Survive” was inspired by adventure, travel, and romance. The song follows the story of two bandits who want to go out in a blaze of glory. In the hook, Jake sings, “Lock the door honey, let's go./Wave goodbye, no shadow./Breathe in, enjoy the ride./Love today, we'll survive,” keeping his energetic, bouncy vibes. His lyrics bring the story to life in the last verse, which is sung from the point of view of the getaway driver.

Jake delivers a classic folk tune that is easy to enjoy with his song “Will To Survive.” From unforgettable melodies, to riveting story-telling, Jake is sure to reach his goals of a sustainable music career. His music is available for fans on all music streaming and download sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc. For more information on Jake Brooker, visit his Facebook page.

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