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  • Bryon Harris

Rick Hart - 'Levon Helm'

Country Alt Artist Rick Hart released his debut EP, Spiral, to critical acclaim. The Great American Song Contest wrote “This is impressive songwriting! The melodic aspects perfectly capture the emotional tone of the songs. The classic alt country/R&B musical aspects are brilliant.“ Hart is also a multi-award winner of the 2014 Songwriter of the Year, Australian Songwriters Association and he placed in the Best Ballad Category. His 2017 single "Driver Alone" peaked at #3 on the national Country Tracks Top 40 Chart, further reinforcing his reputation as sensitive story teller and melody merchant. In October 2017, Hart released his much anticipated album 'Let Me In', entering the iTunes Country Charts at #28 on its first day of release. Off that album, a single that he had released in 2016 titled, "Levon Helm" reamerged due to popular demand and serves as a perfect way to introduce yourself to Rick's sound.

“Levon Helm” opens with Rick singing, “An empty whiskey bottle sits beside the kitchen sink. A reminder of the times before where they both may have said some things.” Immediately, Hart presents an inviting and classic country voice against the landscape of heartfelt and honest storytelling. The lyrics gracefully paint the story of a woman who is losing the man she loves to alcohol addiction and she is unable to “watch you fade away. “

In “Levon Helm,” Hart showcases his stellar songwriting abilities by telling a story from the perspective of a woman’s breaking heart. He captures the emotion in the same way a good novel brings you tears. Musically, "Levon Helm" moves at a nice pace with rhythm guitar and light percussion as the glue. Gentle guitar leads interlace with tasteful melodic lines and vocal harmonies add a nice glow.

Check out the video of Levon Helm:

For more soulful country songs, you can find Rick Hart's album "Let Me in" on iTunes or visit his website.

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