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  • Bryon Harris

Joel James Live - 'Find the Moon'

Joel James is an alternative artist who busks the streets of Melbourne. Joel has become easily recognized by his “microphone pitter patter and pom pom beanie.” His single, ‘Find the Moon” from his latest album 'Hey Little Lady' will surely be a fan favorite for its sentimental flavor and catchy hook.

‘Find the Moon’ begins with light chords and graceful melodic motifs on the piano. Ambient sounds are added. The landscape is immediately delicate and charming. Joel enters in singing, “Been Dreaming of this Dream that I've had-A little glorious for the simple man.” Joel presents a clear and bright singing tone that works very well with the mix.

The chorus of “Find the Moon’ pops out with a catchy melody and universal lyrics that stick around long after you’ve heard it. “One day I'm gonna leave this City. -Just know that I'll be missing you, you. -One day I'm gonna leave this City. -And we can ride like we're kicking it up to the Moon, the Moon.” As the song progresses, there is a wonderful build up to the bridge where the music swells marvelously. “-If you wanna fly away with me, then we can ride in the morning-If you're brave enough, we can Find the Moon I think it's made for us.” The arrangement happens so naturally that it is clear that Joel has a strong knack for song composition.

Throughout the song there are thoughtful lyrics like, "A bit of belief and a card can walk a thousand yards-But to breath from the heart is something miles apart." “Find the Moon” is about having to leave a loved one behind for your daily grind – perhaps going on tour – and hoping that someday you will reach “The Moon” which in this case would be success in the music industry, enough success to bring your loved one along for the ride.

Please take a moment to check out the video of "Find the Moon."

Although “Find the Moon” can be heard as a pop song, Joel’s sophisticated song-writing skills takes the song into the alternative-pop realm, making it a song that multiple audiences will find something to love about. To learn more about Joel James Live, please visit his website.

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