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  • Bryon Harris

Brent Steed - 'Christmas Home'

Federico Sadocco, also known in the fantasy music scene, as Brent Steed composed his first post-modern operetta music titled "Siamo fichi" ("We Are Cool") at a young age. At 10, he learned the piano then switched to acoustic guitar. Still not fully satisfied, at the age 16, he took up with a pop choir and at 20 he burst into the Padua metal scene. His journey has crossed many genres and experiences. Through it all, Brent Steed has embraced the unpredictable in favor of music with meaning and his holiday single, “Christmas Home” is no exception as he presents a holiday song that is brave and bold, moving and memorable.

“Christmas Home” beings with an electric guitar chord progression that has a classic rock vibe. A light percussion follows. Soon Brent enters in singing, “And bombing goes on, the disarmament of souls ain't so simple so things go wrong.” Immediately, the message is quite different then most Christmas songs and this is refreshing. Brent’s vocals are clean and crisp, very expressive.

The music continues to build with thick melodic guitar solos, bass, heavy hitting drums and a full orchestrated landscape that yields a very big sound that sweeps you away. Lyrically, Steed has written a Christmas Song that will resonate with fans who recognize that not everyone in the world is waking up to peace. The lyrics paint a picture of “fireguns after the shot ,” “exploding cars,” “bloodstained grounds” and “the sandy wind that will bury men, women and children.” It is a place that is fragile and broken, a system in which we are all accomplices on some level. The chorus of “Christmas Home” states “Welcome to my Christmas home. When all the hope seems gone. Realize our lives and other ones. Not in a screaming crowd, but in our homes.

The video for "Christmas Home" has some amazing footage that brings home the message. Check it out:

Brent’s performance is heartfelt and sensitive. “Christmas Home” is raw and honest, but it is not “in your face.” Instead Brent has written a political song that asks us to be concerned and to connect with what is going on in the world and not just in our own homes. For more information on Brent Steed, please visit his website . "Christmas Home" can be found on all major music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

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