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  • Bryon Harris

Chapell - "Soul Man"

Hailing from Stamford, CT, Indie-rock artist Alan Chapell started performing music at the age of five and by the time he was a teenager, he recorded his first EP with legendary music producer Jimmy Lenner (Bay City Rollers, Three Dog Night, Dirty Dancing). Eventually, Chapell’s musical journey took him all the way to Mumbai, India to make music with the multi-national East-West fusion band Kalki. Later, Chapel was introduced to Talking Head artist and producer, Jerry Harrison. Working with top-notch talent is part of the Chapell experience as he regularly performs in NYC with some of the most sought-after musicians including band members for Bon Jovi, Cheryl Crow, Willie Nile and Joan Osborne. One of his latest singles, to be release in the New Year, “Soul Man,” keeps the momentum going with exceptional Indie-Rock worthy of the journey Chapell has taken.

Soul Man is written by Chapell and performed along with Ann Klein, guitar; Lorenza Ponce; violin and Ali Culotta on keys. Soul Man starts with ambient sounds, keys and guitar for a strong indie-rock flavor. Chapell enters singing, “Waiting for salvation. Living out the string. I’ve given up tryin' to please her. It’s such a dangerous thing.” There’s an immediate intimate quality about the song and Chapell nails the vocals with just the right amount of nuance and very nice vocal tone.

The chorus is simple and moving “I am the soul man I get no relief. I just keep moving on Cuz I’ve got to be free.” Melodic violin lines enhance the score. The chorus builds nicely as it repeats. The poetic writing of Soul Man is well-developed and thoughtful. This is a song about trying to win someone over – a lover or an audience – by being authentic, raw and honest. In the end, the exposure leads to feelings of rejection and ultimately wanting to feel safe or “free” again. “This is why I’m leaving here. If I’m by myself. She won’t break my heart.” The ending builds up creating a raw intensity as Chapell sings, “I’ve got to be free.”

If Chapell is even remotely concerned about reaching his audience, he can put those feelings behind him with Soul Man. Soul Man sets us all free and reminds us that authenticity, both artistically and personally, is the road to great art and freedom. Chapell has traveled this road and he delivers. For his new release and more great music, visit Chapell's website. Soul Man will be available in 2018 via all the major streaming sites.

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