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  • Bryon Harris

Söur Bruthers - 3 a.m.

The Chicago based group, the Söur Bruthers, effortlessly combine country twang, rock and Americana for a unique sound that is highly contagious. Söur Bruthers were named a Top 5 Winner in the Country category of the 2017 18th Annual Great American Song Contest for their song “Better Days.” Off their self-titled EP comes another hit single “3 a.m.” which showcases their talent and ability to write catchy, universal songs. The song 3 a.m., written by Tim Sauer, opens with a catchy melodic piano line that you could easily whistle along to. The piano is joined by a clean, strumming acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. The band ( (Tim, Bill, Mike, Mike and Tony Söur) blend well together for an overall sound that is laid-back. In 3 a.m., a solid country–rock sway is established up-front for a nice groove. The lead vocalist of Söur Bruthers enters singing, “Well its 3 a.m. and I can't sleep without you.” The vocals present a nice clear tone that is easy to listen to. In addition, the lead vocalist does a great job singing with the right amount of emotion. 3 a.m. presents a simple structure with two versus and straight forward lyrics. The Söur Bruthers have written a quintessential break-up song that anybody can relate to. It's about missing a person and having a hard-time moving on. “I’m staring at these four walls feeling sorry for myself. And your long, long gone Just like a sad, sad song. Life just ain’t worth living if it’s without you. "

Check out this animated video of 3 a.m.

What’s great about 3 a.m. is that even though the lyrics are about a break-up, the song never wallows in it or gets heavy. Instead, you are treated to an upbeat, catchy tune that will actually make you feel better and will have you hitting rewind again and again. For other great songs by the Söur Bruthers, visit their website or Bandcamp.

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