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  • Bryon Harris

The 94s – ‘In the Morning I’ll Be Gone’

The 94s are an acoustic, country/folk duo to fall in love with. Composed by the strong vocals of Nicole Cuff and the crafty songwriting of James Cuff, their songs tell thought-provoking stories through poetic lyrics. The duo just recently released their second album and perform all around the Greater Boston area. Their song “In the Morning I’ll Be Gone” is just the right way to introduce yourself to their music.

Opening with a simple, acoustic guitar progression, there is a brief intro leading into the first verse. Entering singing, “If you're desperate to find me, let me tell you where to go. /To a southern border town, just north of Mexico,” Nicole’s vocals take the spotlight with a powerful presence and bright tone with an ever-so-slight country twang that makes for easy listening. After the first verse, the arrangement builds with the addition of bass and percussion as the song transitions to the next verse.

“In the Morning I’ll Be Gone” is inspired by old-time outlaw country and is telling the story of someone who is running from the law. In the second verse she sings, “I fought the law, lost in a rout, /Now the sand in that hourglass is quickly running out. /They're coming for me soon, I ain't got long. /So say goodbye my darling, 'cause in the morning I'll be gone,” embodying the persona of the outlaw through memorable melodies and easy to follow lyrics. Flourishes of electric guitar spice up the arrangement as the song continues to build and progress. The addition of a instrumental section featuring a melodic guitar solo will keep listeners engaged from start to finish.

Take a moment to listen to their upload on YouTube!

The 94s deliver great tunes through captivating stories you can listen to again and again. “In the Morning I’ll Be Gone” is just one of many stories you’ll grow fond of from their most recent album “Undiscovered Country.” For more information on the duo and direct links to where you can purchase their music, visit their website.

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