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  • Bryon Harris

The Real Hooks – ‘Damn You’

The Real Hooks are an indie-pop group out of Pensicola, FL. With clever, uplifting, high-energy songs, The Real Hooks have been delivering quality music to audiences of all generations. The group features Kyle Hooks (vocals, guitar), Nick Hooks (vocals), Maggie Hooks (keyboard, vocals), and Raleigh Hooks (drums, vocals). Their harmony driven sound has garnered them many fans as they are quickly emerging onto the scene. As they prepare to unleash their anticipated debut EP, their song “Damn You,” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to their sound.

The song kicks off with a filtered acoustic guitar progression to give a brief intro before the start of the first verse. As the percussion comes in, so do the vocals singing, “I’d spend forever all night on your couch/And every morning wake up in your house/You got those brown eyes/When you talk with your hands, I can see you and understand,” showcasing their bright vocals and crystal clear tone with a vocal forward mix. The vocals combined with the light instrumental arrangement make for feel-good vibes as they build towards the chorus.

“Damn You” is a classic youthful infatuation love song that anybody will be able to relate to. Entering the chorus they sing, “Damn! Damn you for…/Damn you for loving me, making me feel like this…/Damn you for all of it/ I wanna make you feel special/Wrap you in a box and give you to my mother/You’re like no other/Damn me for ever thinking of another” with memorable melodies that you won’t soon forget. With a steady progression, the song keeps your attention throughout its entirety with each verse leading in anticipation to the next chorus.

Check out a YouTube video from The Real Hooks!

With their insatiable pop sound, there is no wonder why its easy to love The Real Hooks. Their song “Damn You” will have you waiting impatiently for their upcoming EP and new tracks to come. Keep a look out for their music which will be available Feburary 2018. For more information on The Real Hooks, visit their website.

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