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  • Bryon Harris

Rayed R – ‘Perfect Timing ft. K-Tea’

Rayed R is a hip hop/rap artist out of Huntsville, Alabama that you won’t want to miss out on. Rayed R has proven time and time again that he has the drive, passion, and talent to make a name for himself. With numerous tracks and videos, there is no doubt that listeners will love with his lyrical flow and deep south vibe. His latest track, “Perfect Timing ft. K-Tea,” is yet another reason to get on board with his sound.

The song beings as ambient synths fade in followed by the entrance of a distorted sample creating a trippy progression. The production by SoUnique slowly builds with percussion as K-Tea starts hyping the track. As the bass drops and the beat kicks in fully, K-Tea takes off with the hook rapping, “Big bank take lil’ bank, I just call it how I see it/They catchin the wave like a threw it to them I’m watchin the world receive it/See I had to grind for this, and that’s why I shine like this,” with an addictive tone creating a memorable music experience from the start.

Every year around this time Rayed R schedules a new single to drop around his birthday, December 4. Staying true, this year he came out with the fire collab “Perfect Timing ft K-Tea” rapping about their come-up in Huntsville. Moving forward, Rayed’s verse will have you in awe of his hard, lyrical flow as he raps, “…got the whole city surfin’/hop out the block I’m the center of attention never been a kitchen person/stuff out the heat like a lineman,” just beginning to go off. As the song progressive Rayed does not cease to impress with his undeniable talent and craftiness as a wordsmith.

This December Rayed undoubtedly delivered with this banger. “Perfect Timing ft. K-Tea” is just one track from Rayed R to get excited about with many more to come. Rayed has an addictive sound that is sure to take him far. His music is available for fans on Soundcloud and iTunes. For more information on Rayed R, visit his website.

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