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  • Bryon Harris

Kaylee Shahira – ‘Dime’

Kaylee Shahira is a young, passionate indie-pop artist with a killer sound hailing from Northwest Indiana. Shahira loves writing about the questions nobody can answer, living with mental illness, personal life philosophies, and the intricacies of being a social animal. Still at the start of her career, having one EP and her first full length project out, Shahira shows a lot of promise as an emerging artist. Her song, “Dime,” from her project titled, ‘Uncertainty,’ is a great way to introduce yourself to her music.

The song opens with a somber piano progression that is soon joined by light percussion. After the intro, Shahira enters for the first verse singing, “Question my precious life /You all claim we don't live twice/I'll live maybe five more times /before you realize.” The calm arrangement allows for her voice to take the spotlight with a warm, relaxed tone that is bolstered by the occasional harmony as the melancholy melodies wash over you.

“Dime” is based on the idea that people go through major changes every ten years. Shahira wrote this song after developing her own theories and ideas on how this concept can be applied to her own life. Building up to the chorus, Shahira sings, “The next time you roll the dice /The next time you age a dime/Oh, but you'll never know how /Oh, no you'll never know how,” saying that there is no way of knowing how you will change or what will change. As the song transitions into the chorus, the arrangement livens up with additional percussion and synths creating a climactic moment in the song.

There is no doubt that Kaylee Shahira will continue to grow as an artist, creating songs that anybody will be able to enjoy and relate to. “Dime” is just one of her many songs that showcase her talent. Fans find her music on iTunes and all major music streaming services. For more information on Kaylee, visit her website.

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