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  • Bryon Harris

Bongo Boy Records VOLUME XIV

This month, Bongo Boy Records released a new open genre album featuring a variety of great artist. This album includes never released songs by Mark Baxter that won the John Lennon Songwriters award. It also features a brand-new track from Zombie Garden Club as well as a new track from One Super Nova. With 14 tracks from different artist, everyone is sure to find something they love off of this album.

The first track featured on the album is “Human Revival,” the award-winning song by Mark Baxter. A melodic pick-up leads into the intro arrangement as layers of organ and percussion progressively build up to the first verse. As Mark’s vocals enter for the first verse, the arrangement eases back showcasing his vocals reminiscent of great classic rock. Entering the chorus, he sings “I’m looking for a human revival,” creating a memorable moment in the song with infectious melodies. There is no wonder why this song received the praise it did making it a great start to this compilation.

Next, kicking off with an ambient intro that gradually builds into a lush, reverberant soundscape, “Animals,” by Zombie Garden Club is a track you won’t want to miss out on. The engaging arrangement builds up for about a minute before the vocals enter singing, “I’m an animal, you’re an animal, we’re all animals,” blending perfectly into the arrangement. As the song progresses, instrumental breaks and solos keep the song engaging from start to finish. This new song from Zombie Garden Club will leave you in anticipation for what more is to come.

Annemarie Picerno takes the next spot with her song “Bad Girl.” A grooving arrangement of bass, percussion, guitar, and additional production set the mood for this sensual song. Annemarie works perfectly with the arrangement with her dark, soulful voice. Using scholastic metaphors, she sings about wanting to become a “bad girl” through rich melodies. This is a perfect addition to the album for lovers of old school R&B.

Following, is the insatiable country duo, Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers with their song ‘Invincible.’ With stunning harmonies and unforgettable melodies this track is going to stick with you. Their radio-ready sound is addicting and sure to be a hit with pop-country lovers. As Ray and Lisa switch off during the verses and chorus, you grow fond of their dynamic making for easy listening.

Next up is Kathryn Shipley with her song “Those Eyes.” Starting off with a twangy guitar progression accompanied by a thumping bass and light percussion, the upbeat intro builds nicely into the first verse. Kathryn enters singing, “I saw him standing there, he shot me a glance/ Captivating big brown eyes, I’m down in a trance,” with relaxed vocals that are easy on the ears. “Those Eyes” is a catchy, clever love song that is easy to get down to making it a fun addition to the album.

The next track on the CD is a compelling A Cappella track from Bruce Lev ft. Armand Hutton titled, ‘Tears.’ In the opening line he sings, “Tears are falling on my guitar, wondering where you are” and immediately you are washed over with compelling harmonies that you will fall in love with. From deep bass to high falsetto, the vocal arrangement features intricate rhythmic and melodic lines that grab and hold your attention from start to end.

Next is a more mellow track from One Supernova titled, “God Help Me.” This track is sure to soothe with its engaging instrumental arrangement accompanied by soft vocals. One of the best parts about the song is the transition from the lower energy start to the high-octane jam it eventually progresses into. This new track from One Supernova showcases their undeniable talent as songwriters and musicians.

Anthems for Autumn step it up in the next track titled, “No King of Mine.” Kicking of with a rocking, distorted guitar fronted instrumental arrangement, this song will have your head banging in no time. Their huge sound is only bolstered by the high-flying female vocals that effortlessly soar through wailing melodies. Anthems for Autumn are a surefire hit for rockers looking for something both heavy and melodic.

The Bongo Boy Records Volume XIV is not one to overlook with its plethora of talented artist and never heard before songs. Above is just a taste of what you will get from the album with more to look forward to from artist SQUISH, Above The Sun, Ricky Persuade Jr., 1 Of Us, Studeo, and The Oohz. Be sure to keep up with Bongo Boy Records as their artist prepare to release projects for the upcoming year. To purchase the album or any other Bongo Boy albums, visit this page.

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